Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friends, an ongoing lesson.

Friends are a wonderful part of life. Yet friendships are often a tricky relationship. When I have moved to a new city, most of my friends I left behind faded, but the best (and few) kept going on strong. And when I got laid off I was once again surprised by friends.

It's hard to know what to do when you call (text or email) a friend looking to talk... because you're down, because you need advice, because you just want to talk to someone above the age of one, and that friend never gets back to you. It's even harder after a few calls are never returned. Being unemployed can be lonely, and even worse when you feel a good friend has no time for you.

On the flipside is one person in your life that surprises you by checking up on you, calling every so often to say hello. I was very surprised when this happened to me, and look back on all of those calls and feel truly thankful.

Friendships are a relationship, not a collection. One great friendship is so much more rewarding than everyone knowing you.