Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stuck in the middle.

Yesterday I found out officially I did not get a job I was really hoping to land.  "Official" since waiting to hear something for two weeks after and interview you pretty much know they past on you.   Both interviews went well, and I knew I did my best - but that does not make things any easier.  With all of the experience I have as a project manager I do not seem to land many interviews... which I believe speaks to the horrible economy.  I've had many go over my resume and told me it is sharp.  I know it is all about networking, but I seem to have run cold on my network.

I am stuck in the middle.  I am not getting interviews for jobs that fit me, and I am not getting interviews for retail jobs since I am over-qualified.  I just want to work and the ball just does not seem to bounce my way.  I am running out of ideas on how to find a job.  All I am sure of is when you don't have a job it is harder to find a job.  There are job listings that clearly state not to apply if you are currently unemployed.  Ug.

I wish people would let you know you did not get the job and follow it with some reasons as to why... like: you are a terrible interviewee, your background really did not fit, we really wanted to hire a woman, you are too tall, you should of worn a suit, a suit was way too much for us...