Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not on the dole.

I've been thinking about writing a lot lately... but not doing it.  I've been thinking about doing a lot of things lately... but not really doing any of them well - a half-ass-ness approach.  The other night I could not sleep so I got on the world wide web and stumbled across and old friend's blog, and it sparked me to want to start posting again. 

Being unemployed again has surely played with my mind and my spirit.  Not being on the dole makes it that much worse... since my last employer never made me a W-2, I do not get unemployment payments/insurance.  I get to spend my savings.  I feel like I have applied for a million jobs - and almost all of them I am over-qualified for.  I have applied at Whole Foods, Jewel, Target - not to mention all of the jobs at marketing and ad agencies, design firms, non-profits, for-profits, and on and on and on.  I have networked.  I have had meetings with people who know people.  I have signed up with temp agencies and headhunters.  I have sold my CD and LP collection... which is a bit depressing, but at least I have something to sell.  And finally, I cashed in my 401k.

Maybe I'll get out of this funk and unemployment stretch by writing once again. My mind is constantly thinking of things to write about - it's just getting me to do it. Just like get exercise... my mind tells me to do it, but I have a hard time getting out the door.

Goal: be positive, think positive, write, run, bike, skateboard, find a job, smile, enjoy the things in life that are good... find happiness once again.