Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Eloise.

Last night I lost my best little furry friend.  She died in my arms on the way to the Vet Emergency and there was nothing I could do to help her.  Her vet thought she might have congestive heart failure, but that was just an educated guess since we could not afford the tests to figure it out. She laid on the vet's table with all of her life gone, and I knew apart of me was gone too. 

We adopted her in 2005 so our other cat could have a friend. She was the fat four year old cat named Cora that no one wanted. All of the other cats in the shelter were kittens or less than two years old. She was just so pathetic I had to take her home to meet our other cat.  The two never got along.  Cora, who we renamed Eloise, did not like to be held, and seemed to get freaked out so easily.  After time (years) she mellowed out, became a lap cat, liked to be held, and loved it when we added a baby to our family. 

Eloise snored - loudly.  She always ate. She ate everything. She begged for cereal milk and ice cream. She made a mess out of the litter box. She was always dirty, especially her eyes and claws. She clawed up most of our shoes. She was always needing to go to the vet for something. She was so picky. She loved thunderstorms. She always banged the front door. She stretched her front claws in a way that looked like she was waving.  She often got dreadlocks in her fur because she was too fat to clean her whole body. She was perfect.

Either you are an animal person or not, but if you are you understand the loss. Our furry friends are part of our every day. They give us love, and they drive us crazy.

She was my best furry friend, and I will miss her very much. Rest in peace Miss Eloise.