Monday, August 25, 2008

The Update.

Since the baby is only weeks away I am preparing all of my readers for fatherhood... meaning I will not be posting every day.  So now that you are use to me not posting every day (not even every week), here is what I've been up to.

1. Baby classes.
Lots and lots of baby classes.  Classes about labor, c-sections, diapers, breast feeding, finding a pediatrician, infant CPR, and a tour of the hospital.  I must admit they've been extremely fascinating.  I've learned a lot, and only been grossed out a couple times.  The breast feeding class had lots of video clips of boobs, but not the arousing kind of boobs.  Oh well.  It amazed me how many men act like the "typical male."  Half of the men did not show to the breast feeding class.  Sure we cannot give milk, but we can support our partners.  One guy read the newspaper through a class.  One guy slept through parts of the main birthing class.  One guy studied his flash cards in one class.  And one guy gave CPR to his doll like he did not give a shit if it lived or died.

2. Ignoring emails.
Not all emails, but Barack Obama sends me way too many emails.  I'm sorry Barack, you got my vote - now just settle down a bit.  I still think Hillary's fans are going to ruin the election just like the Nader supporters did a few years back.  At least I did not give him my texting info.

3. Olympics.
I watched approximately ten minutes total in the past two weeks.  It was exciting.

4. Cherry Wine.
Cherry Ride is back in town and he brought us back some great Northwest wine.  Yum!  Now I just need to let him know we cannot afford to pay him for all of it (just kidding Cherry).

5. Crappy bars.
The Gancer took the Liars out for a night of crappy bars.  The Gancer's post on Rose's Pub was awesome.  The bar... blows.  It smelled like old people.  The reason: it was full of old people.

6. Jobs.
Still looking for a new one.  Getting the run around is the worst, but I am not giving up. The last interview that told me they offered it to someone else (I posted about it) actually posted the job again on Craigslist the following week. WTF?

7. Nursery.
And back to the baby... we finally finished the nursery.  It looks fantastic!  And this also means our guest bedroom is now gone.  We need a bigger place already.

Now I just need to catch up on your blogs...