Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Interview Frustration.

I went to an interview two weeks ago at a small agency and it went really well. Really well. I was told that I would fit the position and they loved all of the samples of projects I have worked on. When leaving I was also told that they would set up a time for me to come back and meet the owner. Wow, awesome! They told me right there I made it to round two. Usually I have to wait a day or two for that.

I walked out the door and on my way to the El I called LP and told her I would be so bummed not to get the job. This place seemed like a perfect fit for me. I actually could see myself going to work there every morning. And I made it to round two - they told me so. It's not a lock for the job, but it made me feel great.

I never got a call or email to come back. I had to email the contact at the agency to find out where I stood. And we all know if you wait more than a week, the reality of the job being out of reach is pretty high.

I did not get the job. I did not get to round two. I did get a "I’ll definitely keep your resume on file" which means absolutely nothing since this place has one person in this role and will not be hiring again any time soon. They are a very small agency.

Tip for interviewers out there: Don't say things you do not mean... even if you want me to feel good. It sucks.