Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick, Kind of.

I had all of these plans for the weekend but got none of them done because I was sick. LP and I did manage to go get our Christmas tree (LP named it Penelope). Saturday night I came down with something... a head cold or something that makes you feel all head clogged and simultaneously hot and cold.

This meant that Sunday was a wash. My Sunday went something like this...

Woke up.
Fed the cats.
Ate some brownies.
Felt guilty so I drank some water.
Made coffee.
Ate some chocolate.
Felt guilty so ate some real breakfast.
Sat in bed and tried to read awful book.
Made some tea. Did not drink it.
Ate more chocolate.
Got up, looked at the cat, fell back asleep.
Ate canned low sodium soup.
Watched "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead."
Got really grumpy.
Went to mass but did not make it through it.
Slipped on the ice.
Watched "Cool As Ice."
Ate more chocolate.
Made Dinner.
Ate more chocolate.
Went to bed.
Got up and ate another brownie.
Went back to bed.

Feel better today. It was the "Cool As Ice" that did the trick. I highly recommend a good crappy movie when not feeling well.