Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Commenting, Keeping.

I have been debating (with myself and friends) about removing the comment feature on my blog. My goal was to start 2008 with no comments, although I would still comment on other's blogs (which I've been really bad about these last couple weeks... sorry).

I keep telling myself that I am doing this blog for me. I do it to better myself. I also like to make others think and laugh. I never want to be part of a popularity contest (ooooh, I got 18 comments - I must be cool, people finally like me).

The past couple months some readers have posted some amazing comments. Comments that helped me in many ways. Most just made me feel like I am not the only one going through these struggles, and some of the advice has been so helpful. Sure there has been the funny, or annoying comments - but the few gems have out weighted the idea of getting rid of commenting.

So I am keeping the commenting function, because when it comes down to it my readers are wonderful... and occasionally I'll take off the function for certain posts.