Friday, December 07, 2007

More Snow Photos, from the Mobile.

This week has been about snow... and being too busy at work. So I end this week with a few photos of the snow this past week from my trusty (and crappy, way too much blue adding) mobile phone camera.

Last night I went outside and sat on the stoop, smoked a Cohiba my friend Jason gave me, and sipped on some Nob Creek while watching the snow fall. Sure it was relaxing, warming, probably not super healthy... but I was so entertained because in the house across the street was this guy playing Guitar Hero and totally getting into it. He had spins, and headbanging, and he even kicked the legs out a few times. It was complete entertainment.

The walk to work.

More from the walk to work, right after I pass the Brown Line El.

Mmmm... Cohiba.

The railing on our stoop.

Across the street... to bad I could not zoom in to take a photo of Guitar Hero guy.