Tuesday, December 11, 2007


For some reason my friend Keith has been on my mind lately. I think about him on my walks to work, and then home. I find myself at work zoning out a times remembering growing up together... skateboarding, spinning records, recording music, going to shows, watching way too much Comedy Central.

I am sure it's the purchasing of Christmas gifts that is sparking these memories, see Keith always ALWAYS bought me music for presents. Every time I unwrapped a gift from him it was already opened. Keith just figured he was going to borrow whatever I got, so why not listen to it first and record it, then wrap it up and give it to me. It never bothered me one bit, it was one of those things friends just understood.

This past September marked five years since Keith passed away, but it really did not hit me until about a week ago. I was not the best friend the last couple years, and maybe I could of helped. I wish I could call him. I hope he hears me when I talk to him. The Christmas seasons with Keith in them will always be a cherished part of my life.