Friday, September 08, 2006

Football vs. Network.

So Autumn must be approaching because so much attention around me is all about football. ESPN seems to be covering football 24-7. The Tribune has moved the terrible Cubs (currently in last place) to page three or four of the Sports section... and the White Sox reviews are getting smaller and smaller (especially when they lose).

Last year I swore to try to get into football, professional football. Chicago gets so absorb with the Bears during the football season, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Last year I jumped... and missed the wagon. I was not hooked. And the Bears even made it to the playoffs... so it was a lack a winning to make me bored. Plus I tend to like college football. I grew up going to Stanford football games, and LP is a huge Tennessee Vols fan (which make me one too). But I just did not become a fan of pro football.

So last night was the opening of the new football season... on a Thursday night. Lots of hoopla about football now on NBC (I guess it wasn't on NBC before, or something like that). The Steelers vs. the Dolphins. I watched about twenty minutes and pretty much gave up. Boring. That sums up my thoughts about what I was watching. The Sox were on another channel getting their ass kicked by the Indians... so I gave up on watching sports all together for the night. I had recorded "Network" which I had always wanted to see... and then I fell asleep on the couch after watching about an hour of it.