Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Devil Wears NYC.

So I am currently reading "The Devil Wears Prada" and it is making miss me NYC a little. Here are some of things I miss about the City:

1. Mayrose. Best Mac-n-Cheese ever.
2. Alice In Wonderland in Central Park. My place to think and to escape.
3. Hearing the same train conductor every morning say "QueensboundFTrain."
4. The hustle and bustle. I just love big cities.
5. Little cups of coffee.
6. Everything being deliverable.
7. The Brooklyn Bridge. I loved spending time there.
8. The Empire State Building. It was the same costs going to the top as it was to see a movie... so I often decided to go to the top and look at the city.
9. Friends. I do miss my friends... but so many of them have left the city too.

I am sure I would not want to live there ever again... it was fun in my twentysomething years, but now I think more about the future and buying a house and saving money... not living paycheck to paycheck as I did in NYC. Plus Manhattan is turning into a big shopping mall with every major chain moving in. And Macy's blows.