Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cannot wake up.

So I am making an effort to update my blog more often (if you could not tell). And I believe I have something interesting to write about, but today is just one of those days that I cannot seem to wake up (or think). I got plenty of sleep last night... and good sleep (I think... but remember I cannot think this morning). But my eyes just seem to want to stay shut. I almost fell asleep walking to work this morning. Not sure if I would have fallen asleep if my body would have just kept walking, or if I would have fallen over. Glad I did not find out.

I found this useful link this morning for tips on staying awake at work. The sad part is it's a little too serious (and total common sense)... I was looking for some comic relief while waking up. But it did have some warnings that I found pretty funny:

1. Taking too many breaks might get you in trouble with the boss.
2. Consuming too much caffeine to stay awake at work may disrupt your sleep pattern.
3. Loud music can annoy your coworkers.