Friday, September 15, 2006

Baseball Trip: Pittsburgh

Day 2
PNC Park.
The Pirates beat the Mets 5-3.

Why Pittsburgh is Great:
1. PNC Park. A simple and beautiful ballpark. It shows off it's history really well... and it shows off the city's cool water fronts.
2. The Primanti's Sandwich! Go to the original location in the Strip (no, not that kind of stripping) District.
3. The Duquesne Incline. Very tourist thing to do... but way cool. Worth the $3.50 ride.
4. Mattress Factory. The best installation museum I have ever been to.
5. Good people with civic pride. People in Pittsburgh are proud to be there... and they wear their Pirates hats even though the team sucks this year. No lame ass wanna-be Yankees fans to be seen!
6. Tunnels & Bridges. Lots of both. And who doesn't like a good tunnel or bridge!?
7. The Pirates beat the Mets which made the little kid behind us finally stop talking.