Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Indie Team #7.

Indie Team #7 is the name of the softball team I joined this year through the City of Chicago Parks Department. Our opening game will be this Saturday at 3pm on field number 11. I do not have much to say about my teammates given that I have yet to be introduced to them. This Saturday will be our first gathering, first game, and I suppose our first practice too. Excellent.

I am joining for one reason: to meet people. Since I work by myself in a satellite office, I do not see any co-workers all day. This can bring about me becoming a little stir-crazy, and it leaves a huge void in my social life. I end up talking to people in the coffee shop across the street just to get some social interaction with real people during my work day . The UPS man only has a few seconds to chat so no sitting down and discussing life with him, our conversation is usually “Sign here,” and “Have a good one.” Not sure that actually constitutes a conversation.

So softball is here to save my social life! Go Go Indie Team #7!