Saturday, May 13, 2006

Discovering friends in IKEA.

Today LP and I went to IKEA. I am not really a fan of their stuff (because most of it is just that... stuff), but I was looking for a cheap new table to set my turntables and mixer on... something that could be portable. And IKEA has cheap tables.

We drove out to lovely Schamburg, and walked through the maze of IKEA show rooms which really reminds me of the shopping segment of the Wheel of Fortune show back in the 1980's. We find the table. And we also find two chairs, a dining room table, and a new bed frame, plus a bag full of hangers. Yep. We had all of our Aisle and Bin numbers written down and made our way to the first floor IKEA warehouse. The turntable table ended up being a piece of shit so we decided that $20 was too much for shit. The dining room table ended up being just what we needed, and the bed was fantastic BUT the big boxes it came packaged in would never fit in our little SUV (Jermaine). LP and I sat there and thought of some possible solutions, but nothing was realistic, and since it was raining outside we could not even tie it to the top of the car. Crap!

We admitted defeat and walked with our kitchen table to the checkout line. I decide to call Will who was moving all day to a new condo on the Northside. Crazy enough, he was at IKEA Schamburg! With his entire family (not really, it just seemed like it) and his mate Richard who just flew in from Down Under. Now that to us was tops since Will's family is a hoot, and we were super excited to meet Mr. Vegemite. When we discover Will's brother Bob had a UHAUL and was willing to help us move our big ass boxed bed frame I almost peed my pants (Maybe it was not the excitement... I had used the restroom five times during our IKEA trip). What an amazing group of good people.

So after six hours in IKEA (that's less than one bathroom break per hour) we all drove back to Chicago and spent the rest of the night putting things together... and I am happy to say all of the parts were in the boxes. IKEA was good to me today. It's good to have friends at IKEA.