Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know I have not posted in a long long time, but having a new born at home seems to keep my free time to a minimum. I do keep thinking of things to write about, just never seem to get to the computer to type away. Not even sure how long this will be.

This post is about a television. LP & I have an eight year old 20" tube television that has seen better days. The biggest issue is in the winter when it's cold outside it starts to lose the picture. Now I am not Mr. I-Have-To-Have-The-Biggest-TV-Mounted-On-My-Wall, but I would love to have something that will show the picture all winter long. So we've been saving our pennies to buy some kind of 26" LCD, something cheap - but an improvement. It's been hard to think about spending money on a television when in twenty days I will be unemployed, but it is something we do use and we would not be putting this on a credit card.

Well to my surprise yesterday the UPS man dropped off a new television. I was shocked. I was speechless. I asked LP how much she spent, in which she smiled and said "Nothing." She informed me that my family all chipped in and bought us a new TV... something my brother put together for us. See our family does not really exchange Christmas gifts - in fact this year we are making things for each other and keeping it under $20. So this was truly a shock to me. I still cannot seem to believe it. They thought so much of us to buy a television for our house. They bought us a TV! A TV!

So after putting it together LP and I watched the original Star Wars because we thought it would be cool on a big television, and it was. Then I stayed up most of the rest of the night watching my favorite chick flicks in true 9er fashion.

I might not have a new job yet, but I am reminded that I have a truly wonderful family. Sure I knew this before the TV arrived, but now I cannot ever forget it - there is a reminder that takes up a large chunk of our front room.