Friday, December 12, 2008

Missing The Office.

The end of this year makrs the end of my job. There is so much to write about that, but not now. I go through so many feelings about being let go after nine years. I guess it would be easier to be fired because I did something wrong, but being laid off because I cost the company too much money (since I bring in the most) does not sit well with me. And no... I do not make a lot to start with. Maybe I am just frustrated since I cannot find a new job.

Today my post is about missing the office. This last month of employment for me is being spent at home since the lease to my office space in Chicago was up at the end of November. The company I shared space moved out too so there was no way to stay just one more month. I am not the kind of person who works well at home... I am too distracted, but I am trying the best I can for this month.

Every time I sit down at my desk at home I am reminded of what a great office I belonged to in Chicago. I did not work for the company I shared space with, but they treated me like one of the gang each and every day. We goofed on each other quite often, and simultaneously everyone seemed to get their work done. I came in early and they worked late. It just seemed to work well. On days with extra time I would perfect my David Lee Roth kicks in front of them. That seemed to be a hit. I played my music a tad bit too loud. I constantly complained on how messy they were, and how they always stunk up the bathroom. Now I almost miss those stinky days... almost. They were a good group of people who I miss seeing each week day.

We all move on, but I will still be friends with them. I guess I was just hoping when I left that work place I would be moving on to something new and better... not unemployment.