Monday, October 13, 2008

Obituaries. Pinot.

I have always read the daily newspaper. Where ever I lived. I picked it up from my father starting with the comics at an early age, and sealed it by my time as a paperboy. There is something about starting my day by flipping through the paper. In this day of immediate breaking news on the television and online I turn to the paper for other stories, or more in-depth looks at stories. And starting a few years ago I tended to read the obituaries first.

I am not a morbid person, but I often find the most fascinating stories about people in the obituary section. Most of the people I've never heard of, and some I just knew the name. For example, this morning one of the obituaries was on David Lett. I knew his legacy, I knew his winery, but I honestly did not know the name behind it. After living in Portland and being exposed to so many bottles of amazing pinots LP and I learned much about what we loved about pinots, but I never recall hearing the story of David Lett.

A couple weeks ago the Chicago Tribune change the look of the paper, a complete overhaul. The paper now looks more like the USA Today. Sad. The one change they did make that I like is the obituaries are also called Legacies. This seems to be such a nice fit since these stories have so much life to them.