Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Beginning and The End.

Since LP has been pregnant I have had so many thoughts about life. More so how life ends. Sure, I went through my goth phase in the 80's listening only to The Cure, Diamanda Galas, Sisters of Mercy, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, and Bauhaus... and wearing lots of black and knowing that no one really understood the inner me. But now in my thirties I have found myself really thinking about what a moving part of life that birth is, and also death. Both parts happen to all of us.

We all have our own thoughts, beliefs, faiths about the end. But put that all aside and really think about it. If you spend way too much time trying to grab hold of the idea that life is really short, even if you live to 100, you will see that a good chunk of us do nothing with our lives. Nothing. We grow up. We get a job. And then we work, go home, eat, sleep, see a movie, etc. We don't push ourselves. Or we push ourselves so much we forget to enjoy what we are doing.

LP's grandfather passed away this morning and it sparked more of this thinking about how life is really short and how we should all get more out of it. How much time we waste that we could be spending to become better people... we could help those who are in need. LP's grandfather was a great man. He was a soldier in WWII. He was a die hard St Louis Cardinals fan. He loved his family, and could tell a great story. He was completely welcoming of me and treated me as family from day one.

Sure, I'm just rambling - but these are things we can all think about. Life is short. It really is.