Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Day.

Wake up some time between 4am and 6:30am.
Help LP get her bags ready for work.
Go to snotty park before anyone gets there.
Feed Miles.
Nap #1... check Facebook, look for jobs, apply for jobs, try not to get down about being out of work.
Go for a walk... usually to the grocery store.
Feed Miles.
Play with blocks and toys.
Nap #2... either get on the computer or read or start prepping dinner.
Feed Miles.
Play some more... work on walking, keep Miles from getting into things.
Maybe go for a walk or go to one of the other parks for a swing session.
Feed Miles.
Miles starts getting really tired and cranky toward the late afternoon so spend time being goofy to make him smile until LP gets home.
LP gets home so start dinner.
Work on budget and bills plus work on grocery lists, Target lists, lists, lists, lists.
LP puts Miles to sleep so I clean up all the toys and books.
Clean kitchen.
Watch some TV and hang out with LP although we are usually too tired to talk much.
Asleep around 9pm.