Friday, September 12, 2008

No Water.

Yesterday when I got home the water to our house was off.  The city has been doing construction on our street for a few weeks now replacing some huge pipe that runs the length of the block (now that's technical talk).  There has been a couple afternoons the water has been shut off, but they usually give us a day's notice.

I went to the front door to check for a notice on our front door, but there was not one.  When I looked outside I saw no workers.  Hmmm... this was not good.  The workers usually turn the water back on before they go home.  I called the city's 311 and the Department of Water got back to me in an hour or so.  The response was something like this, "Well someone must of screwed up.  Just hang in there and we'll get your water back on by 3pm tomorrow."  Tomorrow?

No water?  No flushing the toilet?  No brushing the teeth?  No shower?  No doing laundry, which I was really hoping to do?  No letting the cat drink from the the bathroom faucet? Let me tell you... you don't miss it until it's gone.  

I am a little ripe this morning.  A worker knocked on the door around 7am and said our water should be working, so they are going to have to to dig up the street again.  I am planning on washing my face and brushing my teeth at work so I don't look like complete hell.  Hope the water in on when I get home tonight.