Friday, July 11, 2008

Have You Seen The Niner?

I am alive.  Those White Castles did not kill me, but I did eat 15 of them.  I could of sworn it was a contest (why else buy the W.C.) and when lunch was finished I found out the person in second place only ate ten.

I have not been in a funk, that is not the reason I have been not posting.  My brain has just been so occupied.  I have realized that people get tired of the same old story... and most of my story of late has been the job hunt.  I signed up for LinkedIn to see who knows who in the business world.  Funny how there are people in my life that can't think of anyone who might be able  to help me, but then have fifty people in their network that work for companies I've been looking at.  And I have started looking at jobs in San Francisco - which would be great to move home, but LP and I love Chicago and would rather stay here.

I have just over five months of my job left... so it is more important to spend time finding a new job rather than blogging.  But I am not giving up the posting, just don't think I died if I go a week or so without a post.  This blog does not pay the bills.