Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Horse.

I keep telling myself to get back on the horse and write, write, write. But as you can see, no entries for a while now. I have had little free time lately, and when that free times comes I have been spending it in numerous ways... none of those have been writing (and very little reading as well).

I am in the spot where I am ready to start new... just delete this blog and start off fresh somewhere else. Maybe write about something else, not just my thoughts and my life... or maybe just one section of my life and my thoughts. Or maybe just slack off and do none of the above.

I am going to start writing a column for a new music blog in Chicago called VEOBA. My entries will be about record stores around the country I like... since I am a huge supporter of physical music. I will hopefully have my first post on there in the next week.