Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Confessions and Thoughts.

I am totally hooked on the television show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." I know, I know - it is truly awful (is anything on ABC Family good?), but I just cannot stop watching. I was actually surprised that it was renewed for a second season. All of the high school kids have sex or want to have sex, yet none of them drink or do drugs because that would be bad. Yep.

I've been listening to way too much UB40 lately. And for most, ten seconds is far too much. I am a sucker for crap.

I think Pepsi ripped-off Obama's logo.

I am so tired of winter this year... and that's huge for me. I love the cold and snow but this January being the coldest in 25 years for Chicago - yeah, I've had enough. Global warming my ass.

I don't think Cherry Ride will ever post again. I think he's done with blogging.

I often hope for bad things to come to the company I use to work for. I know this is not right, especially since I have good friends who still work there and do not want to see them lose their jobs too... but I still find myself hoping the company will go out of business. Thankfully I usually realize right away what I am doing and stop myself because it is not healthy to wish bad things on other people. I need to use my brain for better things.

I do feel the February 3, 1959 was the day that the innocence of music died. Sure, the music did not die that day... but that clean cut All-American image seemed to die soon after.